AWS GovCloud Compliance with Cloudnex in Upper Gwynedd Township

AWS GovCloud (US) enables organizations like Cloudnexa in Upper Gwynedd Township to meet security and compliance standards such as ITAR laws, FedRAMP specifications, DFARS criteria, and DoD (SRG) Impact Levels 2, 4, and 5. Additionally, you can secure sensitive unclassified data files in Amazon S3 using server-side encryption and manage security keys using AWS KMS or AWS CloudHSM. Identity management is also strengthened by Cloudnexa AWS in Upper Gwynedd Township with identity federation, robust access control testing methods, and simple key rotation. This can limit access to sensitive data by person, time, and location and restrict API requests users can make. Cloud visibility is improved through AWS CloudTrail, which allows you to monitor who can access sensitive data and how it's used. AWS CloudTrail is a U.S-managed API logging service that can help detect unauthorized access or activity using your credentials. Furthermore, safeguard accounts and workloads by employing Amazon GuardDuty to monitor security for your AWS accounts and workloads continuously. Amazon GuardDuty can detect suspicious or unauthorized activity that indicates a potential account hack, including unexpected API requests or potentially unlawful deployments.

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