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Successful digital transformation initiatives have become essential as organizations strive to keep up with the ever-changing technological climate. However, despite the need for this ongoing evolution, more than half of all projects fail to reach their desired goals due to a disconnect between business and tech needs. IT departments often fall into the trap of operating in a bubble, lacking corporate leaders' necessary oversight and guidance. This can be attributed to inadequate communication and coordination between departments, leaving IT teams without a clear direction or purpose. Without proper leadership and coordination, no digital transformation project can be expected to succeed - regardless of the capabilities present. 

Cloudnexa in Lackawanna County is an AWS Premier Consulting and Managed Service Partner that has been a Cloud technology center of excellence since its founding in Philadelphia in 2008. With an experienced team of Cloud Architects, Cloudnexa AWS in Lackawanna County helps customers maximize their cloud investments by providing solutions tailored to specific business objectives. Our expertise covers everything from strategy development and cost optimization to migration planning and third-party integration services. 

From developing strategies based on customer requirements to providing managed services across AWS environments, Cloudnexa in Lackawanna County has become the go-to source for organizations looking for reliable guidance when navigating digital transformation initiatives. With their help, businesses can avoid common pitfalls while ensuring all projects meet their desired goals.

Services Offered:


Suite 100 Newtown Square PA, 19073 USA

Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Sloan St, Scranton City, PA 18504

Cloudnexa in Scranton City manages cloud infrastructures for clients ranging from small startups to large enterprises.

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  Near Turnpike Rd, Dalton, PA 18414

Obtain cloud compliance and security with Cloudnexa in Dalton. One of the most crucial aspects of security starts with educating employees on best practices for cloud security is vital to overall security.

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  Near Birney Ave, Moosic Borough, PA 18507

Data breaches can occur when unauthorized parties gain access to cloud-based resources. Cloudnexa in Moosic Borough offers cloud management services on major platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

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  Near Ash St, Scranton City, PA 18510

Cloud encryption is a critical security measure for protecting data in transit and at rest, and with Cloudnexa in Scranton City, we prioritize your security.

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  Near Old Forge Borough, PA 18518

Cloudnexa in Old Forge Borough provides AWS Security solutions that seek to understand your environment and identify where current risks lie. Learn more today!

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  Near N Main Ave, Scranton City, PA 18504

Cloud security can involve monitoring and detecting unusual network behavior; with cloud-based network monitoring, you can have peace of mind. Contact Cloudnexa in Scranton City today!

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  Near Palm St, Scranton City, PA 18505

Cloud security measures must be constantly updated to stay ahead of evolving threats. At Cloudnexa in Scranton City, we answer all your questions regarding cloud migrations, cloud security, and more.

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  Near St Ann St, Scranton City, PA 18504

Regular backups can help protect data in case of a breach or loss with a Data Loss Protection plan with Cloudnexa in Scranton City.

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  Near Clay Ave, Dunmore Borough, PA 18510

Cloud providers are responsible for securing the infrastructure, but customers are responsible for ensuring their data. Cloudnexa in Dunmore Borough will provide managed cloud solutions for your business.

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  Near Starling Ln, Covington Township, PA 18424

Cloudnexa in Covington Township provides 24/7 support for its clients in case of any issues or challenges.

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